Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a garden designer?

​We maximise the space and practical use of a garden by using creative techniques that will suit you and your garden’s requirements. Levels can be made workable and allow previously unused areas to be incorporated into the garden. As garden designers, we know what plants work in the right places, which allows your planting enough room to grow and flourish. In the long term this saves you money with less plant failure.

If I ask you to come and see me, how quickly can we get started?

We can usually arrange an initial consultation within 2 weeks. The process after this is dependant on the current pipeline of work, but when you contact me I will have some idea of how long it would be before we could schedule in your job. It is always a good idea to embark on a garden project six months before you want it completed and ready to use.

What is the typical process from start to finish?

​The process from start to finish is very simple, and gives the client a lot of control, tending to their needs and any requests they may have.

The first step involves an initial meeting where we will discuss what you want, for example whether you have a particular vision in mind. Assuming you need a design for this, we will give you a fixed price quote for the design. If you accept this, we then take all the necessary measurements and survey the levels in order to make the concept plan as accurate as possible.

We will then have another meeting where we provide you with different options and ideas. At this meeting we discuss the plans and determine which works best, and then we draw up the finalised design. Once the design is finalised we can then provide a quote for the cost of turning the design into reality. If this is agreed, we will then schedule in a time for the construction work, followed by the planting.

What services do you provide?

Jackie Gough Garden Design provides a fully inclusive array of services. These include:

Planting design
Landscaping (hard/soft)
Turf laying
Tree surgery
On going development

How much will a typical design cost?

The cost of a design is dependant on a variety of different factors, so it is not possible to give you a quote without seeing the garden. Several factors will influence the cost of a design, including the complexity of levels and of the space. However, please note that a big garden does not necessarily mean it will cost you more!​